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[Strike] May 10th, 2011, Eden Games strike day
Eden Games is currently undergoing a redundancy plan targeting 51 people on 80.

We had anticipated the problems faced by the company last year, triggering an alert after the first redundancy in 2009.

Eden Games pays now for Atari mismanagement. For several years we are witnessing multiple leader changes at its head, they did not hesitate to get rich despite financial difficulties.

Restructuring plans have been following each others for 10 years at Atari. Each time the recovery project was beautiful and promising, and ended in a failure. We are skeptical about the proposed project.

Atari does not play the game of negotiations with employee representatives on the redundancy plan measures. Employee representatives of Eden until now have been extremely collaborative, respecting the very tight deadlines of the redundancy plan.

To show the employees determination and mobilization, we advise that day, Tuesday, May 10th, 2011, a symbolic day strike Wednesday, May 11th, 2011. We want to:

- communicate and interact with the CEO, Jim Wilson, who has never introduced himself to his employees

- Have a constructive negotiation on the terms of the redundancy plan, and not one-sided as is the case now.

- be sure that an employee of Eden Games is compensated the same way as an employee of Atari

- have real visibility on the future of the studio after the restructuring, especially in giving us the financial records requested by our accountant.

Eden Games employee representatives

To help Eden Games employees you could stick your car on TDU2 with a strike theme and post image under.

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